The future of flying for people with disability

The future of flying for people with disability

by  | Mar 18, 2024 | 

The government is being urged to tackle disability discrimination in air travel.

Social justice advocates say with the increasing use of air travel there’s now an urgent need for new ways to improve air travel access for those with disabilities. The Public Interest Advocacy Centre’s Mitchell Skipsey says the government’s new white paper provides a great opportunity to pioneer disability discrimination reform in aviation.

Due to be released later this year, this document will set long-term policies for air travel in Australia, covering safety, sustainability and competition. Social justice advocates say the Government needs to include measures to address the challenges people with disability face when trying to travel by air.

Last December a British Airways passenger was stranded on a plane for hours at Vancouver, because crews said they lacked the equipment to remove him. Advocates insist there are easy ways to avoid dangerous and dehumanising ordeals and make air travel accessible for everyone.

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