Report says major overhaul of NDIS coming this year

Report says major overhaul of NDIS coming this year

by  | Mar 5, 2024 | The Big StoryWire

The Public Interest Advocacy Centre's Insights says major changes are coming to the NDIS this year. The report details key developments, reviews and potential reforms impacting the disability scheme and its participants.

The “NDIS Insights 2023-24” report explores developments impacting the National Disability Insurance Scheme and anticipates major changes this year. The report found although various reviews have recommended a total of 248 improvements recommendations, few of these have been implemented.

Report author Dr Darren O’Donovan identifies ten key takeaways in his report, and says there will be pressure on governments to address reform recommendations after a year in which criticism has dominated debate.

The report details the significant developments in the NDIS and offers guidance to both participants and disability organisations, although it does not explore the political aspects of the coming reforms in any detail. 

From a legal perspective it analyses the impact of potential administrative changes and existing court decisions. The report also investigates ramifications of the possible replacement of the Administrative Appeals Tribunal by the Administrative Review Tribunal. It suggests this move should enhance and streamline the decision-making process.